Beyond the Quick Brown Fox

Beyond the Quick Brown Fox: Singapore Pangram
Jesvin Yeo

Looking at the intersection of language, painting, installation, design, and the performative, Jesvin Yeo discusses the ways in which her Singapore Pangram illustrates the cultural and linguistic specificities of Singapore.  Her artistic practice looks at the forbidden and the pushed aside, such as Singlish, pidgin Singaporean English, asking viewers and users to participate in opening spaces for errancy and marginality. Her work operates in the liminal zones between design and craft, between painting and installation. Taking the concept of the pangram and early optical techniques as points of departure, Yeo shows how Singapore Pangram aesthetically renders social structures.

Jesvin Yeo is an Assistant Professor in the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore. She graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and worked for multi-national advertising agencies for ten years before becoming an academic.  Her research areas are on Asian material culture, visual research, and knowledge visualization. Her work focused on the details of design and putting a message in context, particularly in book design and on taking typography into 3D and digital form. Jesvin has presented and published her works at several international conferences and also exhibited her creative works internationally, including the renowned 798 Art District in Beijing, the Museum of Design in Atlanta, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Washington.



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