Michael Nyman

Saturday 29 January
7.30 pm Screening and discussion: NYman with a Movie Camera, (Michael Nyman, 2010, 64mns)

In a new work called NYman With A Movie Camera, Michael Nyman  has conducted a really interesting experiment by taking the music he wrote a few years ago for Vertov’s Man With A Movie Camera, and employing it again, this time for his own remake of Vertov’s original using his own visual archive as source material. Nyman’s archive largely consists of footage he has filmed himself since the early 90s in different parts of the world he has visited to give concerts. This produces the first difference between Vertov’s film and his own version. Where Vertov’s film is a utopian pre-Stalinist vision of the Communist city, Nyman’s becomes a dystopian vision of global post-communist capitalism.

Nyman’s video film is a shot-by-shot remake, that is, it faithfully follows the rhythm of Vertov’s original while preserving as far as possible the subject matter of each shot he has replaced with his own, leaving in a few of Vertov’s original images at strategic moments.

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Nyman’s collaborator on NYman With A Movie Camera is film-maker Max Pugh, who will also be at this screening to join the discussion.

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