Conference feedback

Thanks to everyone attending the conference. This space is now open for feedback on the weekend. Please add your comment (which will appear after moderation, to prevent spam).

4 Responses to “Conference feedback”
  1. Ian Macpherson says:

    Hi, I really enjoyed the weekend – lots to think about. I particularly enjoyed the AVPhD sessions, some fascinating work being done. I would have liked to have had more time or another place to discuss everything as most events ran out of time before a good debate could take place. I think it would also be useful if there were online ways of following up the interest generated by the events.

  2. Richard Hering of visionontv has posted a review of Nyman with a Movie Camera on YouTube

  3. Hamish Campbell of visionontv reports:

  4. Keith Marley says:

    Michael and Alisa – this was yet another superb conference. The papers that were included this year were testament to the diversity and relevance of contemporary documentary practice.
    A special mention should go to Malcolm Zammitt and Joan, who were incredibly helpful and patient in terms of the technical support that they offered. Bravo!

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