2012 Round Table: Filming Revolution

Thursday 21 June 11.30-1.30

Never before, in the history of revolution, have unfolding events been documented as extensively in so many audio/visual formats. The ubiquity of recording devices, ready to hand in the form of compact dvcams, still cameras and mobile phones equipped with video capacity, etc., has meant that the archive of moving images of the current waves of insurrection and revolution is bulging beyond all previously imagined capacity. Social Networking too has had a role to play, from the iconic YouTube postings of the Iranian Green Movement, to the tweets and Facebook group formations, so alive for all to see. In this day of endless mediation, filming revolution has never been so accessible, yet the sheer magnitude of the archive, with so many unverifiable sources coming from indeterminately articulated positions, as well as the lightening fast demand to edit them into coherent narratives makes for a whole range of new challenges to representation.

Documentary Now! will hold a roundtable discussion with filmmaker Amr Salama, Khalid Abdalla of Mosireen, Cairo, and film scholars Kay Dickinson and Alisa Lebow, to discuss the challenges of filming revolution today.

Venue: Roberts Building G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre http://bit.ly/KA0Z1L

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