Geopolitical Considerations and the Location of Cultural Memories

Geopolitical Considerations and the Location of Cultural Memories Sharon Lin Tay This presentation will explore cosmo-politics as an approach for new digital documentary forms. As much as we need to historicise the material, social, cultural, political, aesthetic, and ideological dimensions of culture, a cosmopolitan approach as articulated by Kwame Anthony Appiah also spatialises discourse about … Continue reading

Beyond the Quick Brown Fox

Beyond the Quick Brown Fox: Singapore Pangram Jesvin Yeo Looking at the intersection of language, painting, installation, design, and the performative, Jesvin Yeo discusses the ways in which her Singapore Pangram illustrates the cultural and linguistic specificities of Singapore.  Her artistic practice looks at the forbidden and the pushed aside, such as Singlish, pidgin Singaporean … Continue reading

When disciplines collide

When disciplines collide: Objects, Imaginations, Narratives Michael Tan Penetrating beyond the banal percept of flip-flops, Michael collaborated with sociologist Caroline Knowles to navigate through China and Ethiopia to animate the life-worlds that have been downplayed by the economics of matter. This project proposes a different way of seeing and thinking about everyday objects. It also … Continue reading

Open Space Documentary

Towards a Theory and Practice of Open Space Documentary Nikki Draper and Patricia Zimmermann This presentation on the theory of Open Space explores consider new forms of documentary practice within digitality. The paper will discuss, as an example, Open Space‘s collaboration with the Syndicate Collective, an audio-visual super-collective of VJs and DJs based in Singapore.  … Continue reading

Bright Lights and Soft Shadows

Bright Lights and Soft Shadows: ethical practices of artifice and authenticity in the use of field recordings in a documentary art context Angus Carlyle My paper will focus on an ongoing research project which centres on a farm that is surrounded on all four immediate sides by the complex of Narita International Airport, Japan. The … Continue reading

The Oxidation of the Documentary

The Oxidation of the Documentary – on the films of Wang Bing Manuel Ramos   The work of the filmmaker Wang Bing gives us the chance to re-think the grounds from where to relate documentary cinema and the political. In this paper I explore the singular (dis)articulation of social function and aesthetics in films such … Continue reading

Redefining Documentary

Redefining Documentary: Jakobson’s Paradigm Charlotte Govaert     While literary theorists have long abandoned the idea of defining their art with ontological, epistemological or teleological finality, documentary theorists are still struggling to provide a statement that describes the nature of their study object. This paper aims to contribute to the debate regarding the problematic of … Continue reading

The position of the documentary maker

A reflection on the position of the documentary maker inspired by Walter Benjamin Elias Grootaers   In my paper I want to reflect upon the position of the documentary maker – inspired by the writings of Walter Benjamin. It is important to state that I regard documentary film as more than a filmic object alone. … Continue reading

The News you don’t see on the News

‘The News you don’t see on the News’: Undercurrents and Britain’s Video-Activist Movement Steve Presence     This paper explores the history and significance of Britain’s video-activist movement. Undercurrents, founded in 1994 and still active today, are the video-activists most often cited as the pioneers of this movement and as such present themselves as an … Continue reading

YouTube and the aesthetics of political protest

”YouTube and the aesthetics of political protest– an inquiry into the genre of the demonstration video” Tina Askanius, Lund University   In 2009, the images of a dying young woman shot by the Iranian security forces during the election protests was put on YouTube and immediately went around the world. The 1.53 minutes it took … Continue reading