Programme 2013

¡Documentary Now! 2013 Programme

All ¡Documentary Now! Conference Venues are located in Central London, at UCL

Wednesday 19 June

9-9:45            Registration (Print Room Cafe)

9:45-10          Welcome: Alisa Lebow  (Roberts G06)

10-11:15          Plenary Panel: Surveillance and/as Documentary (Roberts G06)
Elizabeth Cowie (University of Kent) Documentary Observing Surveillance
Brian Winston (University of Lincoln) Surveillance in the Service of Narrative

11:15-11:30     Break

11:30-1    Panels
Session 1A     Malleable Perception: Documentary Temporalities
Cathy Greenhalgh (University of the Arts London) Malleable Perception and Cinematographic Chronotopes in New Documentary Forms
Domitilla Olivieri (Utrecht University) Rhythm, Stillness, and Everything in-between:
Time and Visuality in Documentary Film
Adam Kossoff (University of Wolverhampton) The Longevity of the Long Take and the Documentary Real

Session 1B    Inspiration, Dreams + Nightmares
John Doyle  (University of Roehampton ) Documenting Power, Dreams & Illusions: the Utopian Journalism of Adam Curtis
Dennis Rothermel (California State University, Chico) Filming the Trans-   substantiation of Artistic Creation
Susan Young (Royal College of Art ) Trauma, Metamorphosis and Animation

1-2:30   Lunch Break

2:30-4   Panels
Session 2A   Animating History, Weaving Stories
Jelle Mast (Erasmus University College, Brussels) Documentary Animation and/as Colonial Historiography: The Case of ‘Kongo‘
Nina Sabnani (Industrial Design Centre, IIT, Bombay) Seismic Stitches: Animated Documentary and Participatory Aesthetics Amongst Kutch Embroiderers
Joan Ashworth (Royal College of Art) ‘Unfreezing’ Time in the Paintings and Texts of Sylvia Pankhurst Using Documentary Animation

Session 2B  Platforms for the Political
Benj Gerdes (Artist/Filmmaker, NY) Architectures of Dispersion: Documentary Across Media
Lydia Papadimitrou (Liverpool John Moores University) Crisis in Greece and Beyond: Documentary and Politics
Haim Bresheeth (UEL) Reviving the Palestine Narrative on Film: Joint Film Productions as a Form of Negotiating the Future Through Present and Past

4-4:30    Coffee Break (Print Room Cafe)

4:30-6    Panels
Session 3A   Living Docs
Sandra Gaudenzi (University of the Arts) The Living Documentary: The interactive Documentary as Relational Entity
Keith Marley (Liverpool John Moores University) The Art of Fact
Debbie James (Governors State University, Ontario) and Dejana Erich (New Media Artist) Sitting on Two Stools | Ne mozeš sedit na dve stolice: Digital Tactics for negotiating between home and homeland

Session 3B   Authorship in Question
Sarah Wood (University of Kent) Lost and Found
Suzanne Buchan (Middlesex University) Identity, Authenticity and Heteronym in Frank Gessner’s Alias Yederbeck

6:-7:30     Dinner Break

7:30-10    Screening (AVHill Theatre): Duch: Master of the Forges of Hell
(Rithy Panh, 2011) Introduced by Deirdre Boyle (New School for Social Research, NY)

Thursday 20 June

9-10    Registration (Print Room Cafe)

10-11:45    Panels
Session 4A  Manipulate Me
Steven Eastwood (UEL) Inscribing the Instant of Death
Charlotte Ginsborg (Filmmaker)
Anna Lucas (Artist/Videomaker)
Philip Warnell (Kingston University) Staring Death in the Face
Romeo Grünfelder (Filmmaker) Fractions of the Documentary

Session 4B  Enactments! In-between: The Politics of Documentary Practices in People’s Republic of China
Mark Bartlett (University for the Creative Arts) The Documentary Effect and the Citizen-Labourer: Fairytale or Curse?
Kiki Tianki Yu (University of Kent) Camera Activism and political participation in contemporary PRC
Katie Hill (Office of Contemporary Chinese Art) Intervention: contemporary ‘documentary’ practices in Chinese ‘art activism’
Xiaolu Guo (Filmmaker/Novelist) Documenting the Collective Anxiety

11:45-12     Break

12-1:30    Closing Roundtable: Enter the Perpetrator (Roberts G06)
Discussants:    Deirdre Boyle (The New School for Social Research)
Joram Ten Brink (University of Westminster)
Alisa Lebow (Brunel University)

2-4        Book Party (Print Room Cafe): Killer Images: Documentary Film, Memory and the Performance of Violence, eds. Joram Ten Brink and Joshua Oppenheimer (Wallflower Press, 2012)

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